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Rotorua Mud

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Rotorua Mud

Rich in rejuvenating minerals Wild Ferns Rotorua Mud has natural cleansing, antiseptic, healing and rebalancing properties because of its volcanic origin. Rotorua Mud is rich in volcanic gases and minerals from the centre of the earth. Major minerals present in Rotorua Mud include silica, magnesium, calcium, titanium, iron, sulphur, phosphorus, sodium and potassium.


Rotorua Mud is excellent for use in regenerative skin care as it has a very strong affinity for moisture. This mud on drying will generate heat, increasing the blood circulation and perspiration which help eliminate toxins and other wastes. It easily absorbs excess oils and fatty secretions from within the skinโ€™s pores, detoxifies and purifies and, as the mud dries on the skin, helps promote the regeneration of new cells. Sulphur, while a very odorous mineral, is very beneficial and naturally occurring in Rotorua Mud, which acts as an antibacterial agent assisting in the prevention and elimination of acne.

The thermal mud used in all our Wild Ferns Rotorua Mud skincare products is obtained from the hot mud pools in Rotorua. The mud is firstly sterilised, then refined to remove any foreign matter, while ensuring all the mineral and trace elements are left to benefit this highly therapeutic mud.


Wild Ferns Rotoura Mud has captured the special benefits of the geothermal mud and the further enhanced the benefits by the addition of other exceptional ingredients such as premium certified New Zealand Manuka Honey 80+, Lemongrass, Royal Jelly and Bergamot, to name a few.

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